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Founded in 2013 VintFlea started out by selling Indian vintage sarees in the international market through Amazon and Ebay marketplaces.



Though the brand was selling a high margin product it was facing challenges with adding new products and increasing competition.


VintFlea started working with Kreate Konnect in June’ 2015 and was one of its first clients.  

As a part of its e-commerce management solution Kreate Konnect started working on the pain points and challenges being faced by the brand.

Kreate Konnect helped the brand to tie-up with manufacturers of products such as handicrafts, handmade apparel and accessories. This way the VintFlea was able to add newer products to its catalog.

Since the brand only wanted to sell internationally Kreate Konnect arranged for international warehousing for the brand. This helped the brand to ship out products in bulk and reduce the manpower required in processing individual orders.

Kreate Konnect aligned the marketing strategy for the brand with the various festivals and events across the globe. The product listings were optimized before the events which resulted in increased traffic and subsequent sales.


Today the brand is one of the leading sellers on the Amazon US marketplaces with a catalog size of more than 4000 products. With 1-2 orders per day initially the brand today processes 100+ orders on a daily basis and ships to 20+ countries.

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