• Unable to calculate accurate profitability due to lack of knowledge about the various costs associated with selling
    on the marketplaces.

  • Improper inventory management
    across channels

  • Product returns, cancellations
    and reconciliation


  • Product catalog expansion and diversification


Kreate Konnect offers a proprietary solution that helps retailers to calculate their
exact profitability per SKU per marketplace even before they start selling online.
Retailers can know true, net profitability of each product listing that accounts for
all costs from the marketplace settlement records, to your business overhead
expenses. Our profitability calculator system continuously alerts the sellers at
various times when and where cost can be cut and how profits can be gained for each product. The solution is aimed at enabling retailers to act decisively and

Kreate Konnect’s centralized and easy-to-use inventory management interface
allows retailers to update their inventory across all marketplaces from a single
dashboard thereby automating the entire process and reducing product stock out errors.

Kreate Konnect’s auto-generated product return reports help retailers to find out
the product returns per marketplace and the reasons for the same. These reports are then analyzed in tandem with other reports such as sales reports to provide customized payment reconciliation reports. The automated payment reconciliation reports help retailers to tally their payouts from various marketplaces and check for any missing or wrong payments or charges.

With the ever increasing competition the modern retail most sellers often face the question of, what products to offer? We at Kreate Konnect can answer these
questions with our advanced analytics tools. From product profitability to high
selling products we aim at providing actionable insights to our clients. Our
solutions help retailers to make the most intelligent business decisions and grow their businesses.