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  • Suitable avenue or channel to showcase the products

  • Unable to price the products correctly

  • Order processing and taxation

  • Product listing process and review mechanism


Most open marketplaces are not always suitable to artisans and designers. They are looking for a closed community like avenue or channel to showcase their niche. Kreate Konnect works with more than 25 marketplaces around the world including both vertical and horizontal marketplaces. With Kreate Konnect’s team of experts assigned to each brand the brand manager advises the most suited marketplace depending on the product type and price point for the respective artisan and designer.

Artisans and Designers more often than not are unable to price their products
correctly. This is because of the inadequate knowledge of the retail and e-
commerce market. Kreate Konnect helps them with detailed product category and competitor analysis that enables them to price their products competitively. The reports are highly customized and use proprietary data collection algorithms that scrape through millions of data points to identify most accurate competitor and category listings.

Designers often find it difficult to manage the paperwork required for processing orders from various marketplaces. Our order fulfillment solution connects and imports orders from the marketplaces. Sellers can print shipping labels, invoices and bulk process orders through a very easy to use interface. We go a step further and integrate the order processing module with our reconciliation solution. This helps clients to generate reports that show the processed orders, returned orders, payout made by the marketplaces, taxes and other deductions. The reports are easy to understand and can be used for efficient accounting and tax filing.

Artisans and Designers are very particular about their products and designs. It is due to this habit that they want their product detail pages to look absolutely
perfect with as many details and information as possible. Kreate Konnect’s
proprietary product listing templates are highly extensive and enable artisans and designers to fill out even the minutest details about their designs and products. These templates are flexible, extensible and are an easy way to manage product content. We set the requirements, prioritize each element and ensure content compliance by watching the gaps. Our product intelligence tool combined with our listings management solution helps us to monitor data from other sellers, managing product listings better, track content right up to the category levels. It’s the easy way to stay ahead of product content and merchandising issues. 
Simply set the requirements you want retailers to meet, prioritize each element and then watch for gaps in product availability, content compliance and more.

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