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  • Unable to identify the sweet pricing
    for the products.

  • Product returns and cancellations

  • Unable to integrate technology infrastrcutures


With the ever increasing competition in the modern retail most sellers often face the question of, what products to offer? We at Kreate Konnect can answer these questions with our advanced analytics tools. From product profitability to high selling products we aim at providing actionable insights to our clients. Our
solutions help retailers to make the most intelligent business decisions and grow their businesses.

Kreate Konnect’s proprietary product return management solution provides

pre-optimized return reports that segregate returns into damaged and not-damaged with very less manual intervention. The reports are pre-optimized based on the auto-analysis of large volumes of data pertaining to product return reasons in tandem with respective product categories. Our returns management solution is highly effective for manufacturers as it helps reducing the wastage and product manufacturing costs due to efficient forecasting.

Most manufacturers have a traditional way of working and use ERP systems built to suit their manufacturing processes. Though off late manufacturers have started selling on the e-commerce marketplaces but the requisite infrastructure is still lacking. Kreate Konnect’s API allows developers and the ERP systems being used by various manufacturers to integrate directly with the platform. Connecting Kreate Konnect with their ERPs allows manufacturers to automate various tasks. It also allows Kreate Konnect to pull past data and analyze and identify potentially high-selling products, their production and lead times, manufacturing costs, etc. Thereby helping us to create a sustainable e-commerce setup from day one for our clients.

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