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Kreate Konnect Technology


At Kreate Konnect we are constantly finding smarter ways to manage your e-commerce business.

We have unified all the tools and features needed to run a successful

e-commerce business into one single platform and blended them with our world-class services solutions.

We want our customers to sell everywhere and anywhere painlessly with our end-to-end

e-commerce management solutions.


At Kreate Konnect we believe that no two businesses are alike. It is with this belief that we approach each client and customize brand management solutions for them.


We work towards aligning the entire operations for our clients based on the need and demand of the business.

Our brand management solutions combined with our in-depth technical expertise help us in identifying the most suitable channels for clients, shipping solutions, warehouse locations.

From the smallest decisions like which products to offer, how many units, profit margins and other actionable items Kreate Konnect helps clients to make the most intelligent business decisions and grow the business.

At Kreate Konnect we like to call ourselves the ‘second brain’ of our clients.



At Kreate Konnect we believe in being your e-commerce growth partner and thus we use all the resources at our disposal to provide support to you at every level.

Dedicated brand managers work with the sellers. Brand manager and his/her team of experts act like an extension of your internal team and are responsible for day-to-day management of your online business. The team works round the clock to provide complete account management services that include:

  • Setting up your accounts on various e-commerce marketplaces

  • Product cataloguing and optimization to meet marketplace guidelines

  • Identifying and availing warehousing and logistics services

  • Running advertisements on products and tracking their performance

  • Identifying growth opportunities such as enhanced content, participation in deals and sale events

  • Developing business growth strategy for the marketplaces by analyzing
    category and competitor data


We at Kreate Konnect believe that one of the most important aspects of e-commerce business on the marketplaces is tracking of Payments from the channels.


Due to the frequently changing policies of the e-commerce marketplaces it has become very difficult for sellers to track payments. Accommodating last minute policy changes makes it difficult to track various fees, penalties, cancellations and other deductions.

Through our customized payment reconciliation solution our aim is to minimize the gap between the expected payment and actual payment received.

Our payment reconciliation reports try and resolve the following issues:

  • If the seller has been paid the correct amount?

  • Is the commission, shipping fee and other fees charged in line with what is defined by the marketplace?

  • Are there any cases of overcharging or hidden charges by the marketplaces?


At Kreate Konnect we make your content better by structuring the feed properly. Since each marketplace has its own set of requirements and specifications it is very important to map the product data to the correct fields. We syndicate quality product content by maintaining the right set of keywords, product descriptions, item specifics so that the feeds are approved faster and results show up in search engines.

The result is structured product pages, efficient advertising, better customer experience and higher sales.

We ensure that our clients get the most of their product detail pages on each marketplace.

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