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    Product Category : Home Furnishing     

Founded on 2014 The White Willow sells an array of memory foam home furnishing products including pillows, cushions.



Though the brand noticed a gap in the market but wasn’t able to capitalize on the opportunity. For the first year and a half, The White Willlow found it very difficult to liaison with all the e-commerce marketplaces. The brand was having a difficult time with account setup, documentation, understanding of marketplace guidelines and requirements.


The White Willow started working with Kreate Konnect from August’ 2015.

As a part of its e-commerce management solution Kreate Konnect took the brand live across all the domestic e-commerce marketplaces within a span of 3 months.

Products were listed according to the marketplace guidelines using the in-house listing management tool. Each product listing was given a listing quality score and continuos improvements were made.

Marketplace warehousing was availed and sponsored advertisements were run on the products. The campaign performance tracking tool was used to monitor and analyze the performance of the products and keywords.

Brand store was created on the Amazon marketplace and enhanced content was written. This lead to an increase of 20% in monthly sales.

Inventory management and CRM process was automated.

The data analytics tool was used to analyze various data points such as pricing, shipping, listing quality scores and their impact on sales.



Today the brand is the top seller on the Amazon India marketplace with 10% of the catalog being the Amazon choice and best seller products.

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