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    Product Category : Kids Toys & Games     

Started in 2010 Sluban India is the official importer of Sluban Toys in India. The brand has been selling Sluban products through its distributors since 2010.



The brand was simply importing and selling the products to its distributors. The distributors were then selling the products through brick and mortar and e-commerce routes. Since the distributors were selling products from other importers and manufacturers as well they didn’t have an undivided focus on Sluban products.




Sluban India started working with Kreate Konnect in July 2016.

As part of its e-commerce management solution Kreate Konnect immediately opened accounts for the brand on various marketplaces.

The products were listed and optimized according to the marketplace guidelines.

Since the products were already being sold by other sellers Kreate Konnect got an AMS account opened for the brand. Through the account client was able to run campaigns on all its products being sold by other sellers. This increased sales for all sellers.

Marketplace warehousing was availed and sponsored advertisements were run on the products. Brand stores were created and enhanced content and cataloguing services were provided.

Inventory management and CRM solution was implemented which automated both the processes.


Today the brand is one of the leading sellers of block building toys on the Indian e-commerce marketplaces. The catalog size has increased from 50 products to 150+ products showing the brand’s confidence in Kreate Konnect and e-commerce.

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