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    Product Category : Home & Outdoor décor     

Founded in 1995 Karara Mujjasme is one of the leading manufacturers of cast iron, marble and stone artefacts.



Though the brand had created a name for itself in the offline space but hadn’t been able to crack the e-commerce market. The brand was finding it difficult to understand how to sell the high ticket value items through e-commerce.



Karara Mujassme started working with Kreate Konnect from September’ 2015.

As a part of its e-commerce management solution Kreate Konnect started identifying the niche marketplaces across the globe that would suit the brand’s product sensibilities. Since the brand already had a logistics infrastructure in place shipping to any country was not difficult.

Kreate Konnect also helped the brand to create a special catalog for the domestic e-commerce marketplaces. The catalog had products which were not very high priced and the brand had either the manufacturing or sourcing capabilities for the same.

Databases for interior designers, architects were created and through email marketing all this traffic was directed to the e-commerce marketplaces.

Marketplace warehousing was availed and brand tie-ups were done to promote the products during sale events.


Today the brand has a burgeoning e-commerce team that coordinates with Kreate Konnect on all aspects daily from order processing, CRM, data analytics and advertising. Sales from e-commerce today contribute 5% to the total revenue from 1% 3 years ago.

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