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    Product Category : Yoga themed home furnishing products     

Started in 2009 Kanyoga is a lifestyle brand that offers premium yoga, meditation, spa, travel and lifestyle products.



The brand had a really unique range of products but had been facing issues with working with the various online marketplaces.




Kanyoga started working with Kreate Konnect in May 2016.  

As part of its e-commerce management solution Kreate Konnect immediately opened accounts for the brand on various marketplaces.

Since the brand was completely new to the e-commerce marketplaces it didn’t know at what price points should it sell the products. Kreate Konnect conducted a product category and competitor analysis and worked on product pricing for the brand. A reverse analysis was done wherein different price points were calculated keeping in mind potential discounts that would have to be offered during sale events.

Since the brand had only 20 products to start with, products were bundled to create combos thereby increasing the catalog size and variety.

Brand store was created and enhanced content was written for the products.

Marketplace warehousing was availed and sponsored advertisements were run on the products.

Inventory management and CRM solution was implemented which automated both the processes.


Today Kanyoga has become for its yoga themed products on the various online marketplaces in India. The brand has stayed with Kreate Konnect for 2+ years and intends to continue with the association in future as well.

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